How to post a new request?

post a request

First of all, you need a free client account to post a request. 

If you don’t have one, you can follow this tutorial:  How to register a free account?

After that, you’ll be taken to your personal dashboard.Choose “Submit a new request” in the sidebar.

Submit a new request

Then decide to continue a quota or get started a new package.

Fill out the following request form:

Logo : We use your profile image instead.but you can choose another logo. 

Request Title: “Consultant in your field or the fields of expertise you want.” 

Description of the Request:Introduce your company, the context, the needs, and the requirements. 

Then specify your constraints (all are not required): 

On site/remote: On site, remote, hybrid 

Preferred date: When you need to start 

Experience: Choose the level of experience. 

Deadline: Limit for sending a proposal 

Duration is measured in months.

Rate Type: Daily or Hourly Rate 

Minimum: the lowest possible rate

Max. : Maximum rate 

Category: Your Field or Required Field

Type: Firm or Independent 

Tags; You can add 1–5 tags to highlight your requirements. 

How to Reply: 

Choose how you want to receive proposals: by internal, external, email, phone, or your own URL. 

If you need to, you can add images and a video URL, but it’s not required. 

Main Location: Place a pin on the map to show the area of the main location. 

Follow the form to specify your constraints. 

Then save and preview your request with the button at the end of the form.

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