How to register a free account?

free registration

Free registration tutorial


Your are about 3 clicks to enjoy your free registration.

As a new user, you must choose your role, Consultant/Firm or Client.

Next, you just have to follow the form. No difficulties to fill the form. We have few tricks to share.

Your image is your company logo or your portrait. It’s easy to download them from your Linkedin pages. It’s the first thing that visitor will see.

save image

The next important part is the description form. You can showcase your company and your skills. To save time, you can copy/paste from your LinkedIn pages. Be formal and attractive. The vistor can either contact you or post a request.

description form

Place your pin on the map. This function is used to calculate distance between you and a request or a client location. If you post a request, it will help find consultants close to the request location.

You can move the pin on the map, you can enter a location to help you put the pin. We don’t save the address. We only need Lattitude and Longitude of the pin, where you want it.

place your pin

Then you access your personnal dashboard, where you can manage the requests, contacts, meetings, proposals. 

Your account is a free lifetime account, without a subscription fee.

You only pay a few, to avoid spams.  Enjoy and contact us for any questions or comments, even bugs. We like screenshots to make a quick answer.

If you need both roles, client and consultant  you need to register two free accounts with two emails.

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