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Provide consultancy and R&D services to firms and institutions requiring assistance in the fields of making business plans and strategies, designing and establishing manufacturing units on a turnkey basis, developing & manufacturing Pharmaceuticals, Biopharmaceuticals, Vaccines & biologicals and troubleshooting, developing of analytical technologies and, registration and marketing of products from Vaccines/Bio-Pharma manufacturers to large institutional buyers/ distributors, designing and execution of validation plans for equipment and processes, cGMP audits and support for qualifications by WHO and other regulatory agencies like Health Canada/USFDA/EMEA.

Paramdeep Singh areas of expertise include Product Development, Design and implementation of systems to support GMP compliance, Quality auditing, Quality leadership and Quality Management System, Risk Management, Quality Assurance of aseptic processing, Pharmaceutical manufacturing, development of quality standards for manufacturing and associated quality operations systems and functions, Preclinical/clinical studies, Safety Studies, Training, Mentoring & Evaluation, Validation quality assurance oversight including developing of quality standards for validation, Statistical process control and application of statistical thinking to problem solving, Project Lifecycle Coordination & Management, Technology-Business Analysis & Synergy , Customer Needs Assessment & Fulfilment, WHO Prequalification and approvals from mature regulatory authorities such as US FDA, ANVISA, ASEAN, EMA & Health Canada.


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